Security Services,Safety Control

Security Services:

  • The company has a qualified security unit and door guards seconded from the Government institutions Security Unit.  The company has also a complete coverage and control system equipped with a camera network for the entrances as well as the whole premises. Video pictures are transmitted to the control room around the clock.
  • The company personnel and visitors are subject to strict security and administrative measures.


Safety Services:


  • The company has taken the necessary safety arrangements for the workers and property by installing fire fighting and fire alarm systems.
  • Full insurance of the company assets and premises at the most distinguished insurance company in the Sudan.
  • The company bears the cost of the workers social insurance at Shiekan Insurance Company and by participating in the Social Insurance Corporation in addition to the generous payments at the end of the service.

General Security Measures:

The  banknotes and security documents all need protection from the time of their arrival to Port Sudan till delivery to the clients or destruction of defective notes and documents. The company has a comprehensive system supervised by dedicated department to ensure that no leak before or after printing takes place.

The new printed banknotes are kept in big strong rooms at the company premises till they are received by the Central Bank of Sudan.

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