Omlat company UAE

In the Scope of exchanging experiences SCPP is honoured with a kind visit of Omlat company UAE delegation
, headed by Mr.faisal Abdelsamad , the Deputy General Manager,and Mr.Gavin Michale,the Maintenance Manager.

The visit came in Return of SCPP,s General Manager visit with his accompanied delegation,and before that avisit of group of technicians’ in exchanging experience and thoughts that improve performance.
The visit extended for three days ,during which they visited the different productin department to see the capabilities of SCPP in the field of printing currency and secured document , beside geneal production ,also to see and know about the accumulated experience of the company .

The delegation expressed their readiness to push forward exchanging experience between the two printing companies ,and they are ready to present whatever helps SCPP in the field of :
Training, Assembling , Establishing ,and consultancy in matters negarding currency &secured printing.