Commercial Printing Machines

Commercial Printing Machines:

The company owns quite a number of sheet-fed offset machines procured from reputable suppliers such as Heidelberg, Roland and Ryobi. The size of the printed sheet ranges from a full size to quarter sheet size and up to a maximum of four colours.

Continuous Forms Machines:

These machines constitute an essential part of the company’s investment.

They produce large quantities of secured documents. The company has three of these one of these has the capacity to produce four colour and has been introduced in the year 2003.

Anew machine with four colour capacity has been introduced recently.

The machine is manufactured by the German Edellmann Company and has high production capacity for production and easiness in operation which all adds up for the of quality of production.

Digital Printing Machines:

  • The Company imported the first two printing machines from the French company Nipson in 2000 for printing personal data and the magnetized line in cheques.  Later on added a third machine also from from Nipson is added.
  • In the last months of 2001 the Company bought two digital machines of four colours the company later added a third machine of one colour in 2003.  A fourth machine was bought in 2003 from the same company to meet the increasing demand.

Finishing And Binding Machines:

  • SCPP has a dedicated section for finishing and binding works with up-to-date machines for folding, collating, trimming and gluing.
  • There is a separate unit for the finishing of cheques. The unit has two machines each of which carries out cutting, counting, leaflet insertion, stitching and applying the adhesive tape at the spine, in one continuous process.