Printing Machines

Printing Machines:

The company has developed good relations with printing machines manufactures as well as with raw material suppliers. The company, through its contact with the global market and its ability of negotiations, has been able to get the best prices for equipment and material.

Currency Machines:

The company procured the latest currency printing machines directly from the international manufacturing companies.  It has two currency producing lines from the Swiss KBA Co. with a producing capacity of 600 million bank notes per year. The company signed a contract with KBA to obtain a third line for currency printing. The installation of this line began in February 2005.

During the year 2003 the Company procured a Japanese printing machine (UNO) to print numbers on single notes. This is a new technology which has been  in use only in two companies outside Japan.

Currency Production Lines:

Each currency printing line is made up of three stages, which are:

  • Off-set printing:  This printing is carried out by (Simultan) machines which print on both sides of the paper in 3 colours on each side.
  • Intaglio Printing:  The intaglio printing machines are costly and complex and use high density ink but this type of printing is an indispensable securing element. The printed areas of these types of print are textured.
  • Numerota Printing:  The banknote bear in most of the cases a 10 digits made up of 8 numericals and 2 Latin alphabets.  The number is printed on two places on the banknote.  The number can be printed in two places with different colours as in the case of the 100 SDD note.  These numbers are printed by Numerota.  In addition to the two Numerota machines of the currency producing line, the company obtained lately a super Numerota in good condition.

Bank Note Numbering Machine:

Numerota machines  print the  currency serial number of banknotes :

  • Numerota machines print the numbers on a full sheet of paper and each sheet contains 40 banknotes.  This is possible because all Sudanese currency bank notes have unified dimensions.  In rare cases some notes on the sheet are defective and in order to compensate them other notes are printed to replace them. This process slows down the rate of production. The company now uses a machine for serial numbering compensation for each banknote. This machine is manufactured by the Japanese company UNO. This is a new technology adopted by UNO which so far has no competitor in this field.