Visit of the Vice President of Kenya to Sudan Printing Press

As part of a three-day visit by Kenyan Vice President William Ruto on a three-day official visit to the region, On Tuesday, 10 April 2018, the Sudan Printing Press Company was honored with a high-level delegation from the sister country of Kenya, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Investment, Mr. Osama Faisal, and the delegation accompanying the palace ceremony.


The delegation was attended by Mr. / Director General of Sudan Printing Press Company Engineer Salah Ahmed Ali, and Deputy General Manager Dr Abbas Ahmed Mohammed in addition to a number of directors of the company’s departments


At the beginning of the visit he gave a presentation, a general overview of the company and its various publications, mainly printing the currency, printing documents, and general printing, in addition to many other printing products

The visit included the production of the currency printing press, the printing press of the secured production, and the general production.


The Director General, Engineer Salah Ahmed Ali, said that this visit is important and that it opens opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, taking advantage of the capabilities that characterized the company.


Adding that the visit comes within the framework of exploring the possibility of benefiting from these capabilities to cooperate with the neighbors and African countries in the region, pointing to the distinction of Sudan in this area by adding great technical capabilities and excellence in the world. At the end of the visit, the Vice President of Kenya Mr. William Ruto and the delegation Accompanying him in written statements admiring the company’s tremendous achievements.