Secured Production


     Sudan currency printing press was considered afoot finder in the field of printing secured documents of value and other documents that require a special care while printing to avoid counterfoil and forgery in both scopes governmentally and non governmentally , That is because SCPP had a wide range of securing capabilities, and qualified technical in this field.

     The administration of secured Production did the securing procedures of while their different stages which begin as follow:

Firstly: Procedural geographical security:

   The company developed the security procedure to avoid breakthrough and internal sabotage by applying a package of different securing procedures.

Secondly: Design:_DSC7522

   The company owned special designing programs that were not available except in similar printing press. These designing programs were specifically for secured designing. It composed of uninitiated facilities and the imitated document can easily discovered.



Thirdly: The paper:

The company cooperates with paper mills that produce paper with different securing features the concern the company and other general features that used according to document wanted to be secured. The important of these security features is the watermark, The glittering fibers under UV rays, The chemical reaction in case of abrasion attempt, and other features.                                                                                                                     

Fourthly :The inks

      Also the company owned a wide experience in this field relationship with companies that produce security, such as radioactive inks under UV rays, also the heat affected inks, anti-photocopying ink, and other inks.

There are many of the very important documents were printed in security production administration:

1/ Seals produced with variety modern ways, using special Inks.

2/ Ongoing bills SCPP is the first to introduce this kind of printing in Sudan, and the company had wide possibilities and accumulated experiences in this field.

3/ Security papers: Such advocates authentic, assurance certificates of elementary and secondary schools.

4/ Papers with special watermarks (university certificates)

5/Magnetic cherubs with secured designs and special watermark, also electronically real able, so it’s done according to the international description.

6/Scratches ; The company owned production lines with high capacity that work with high specifications, and for the first times Scratches of different communication companies working in Sudan were printed in Sudan.

7/Producing rolls of thermal paper and rolls of ATM, and soon the rolls of electronic bank up.

8/Producing all sorts of plastic cards, with the modest international equipments in accordance to (ISO) with high capacity.

9/Producing passport, and all governmental secured documents (visa-id-&death certificates-civic registry documents, forced or compelling documents, medical cards, ministry of health documents ,and other different secured certificates.

There had been a previous experience in producing secured document of other countries.