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SCPP Facilities:

The Sudan Currency Printing Press is the only agency in the Sudan which prints bank notes and secured documents. The company also undertakes other activities which could be summarized as follows:-

  • It owns  the ONE system for security design which is well developed for superior performance.
  •  Magnetic cheques printing unit using the latest technology with a capacity to cover the country  banks needs.
  •  High quality colour printing (offset).
  •  Coloured digital printing machine.
  •  Digital printing machine for books and periodicals.
  •  The digital printing section is the largest of its kind in the Sudan and has three XEROX printing machines for colour printing and four NIPSON machines for black and white printing.
  •  Continuous forms section which is the only one of its kind in the Sudan. It has three machines two of which are four colour and are used for printing forms, cheques .. etc..
  •  An Intaglio ink-preparing machine (colour center) which is the first in Africa. It has the capability of providing Intaglio coloured inks thus saving time and cost.
  •  A precise offset ink mixing machine.
  •  The chemical unit treats recycled water of currency printing machines which contain inks and other chemical materials, before in case waters are sent unpolluted to the public sewage network.
  •  The company used advanced technology in preparing plates directly from computer through a production line of Baysprint German Company. This company is famous for using conventional plates while other companies use plates with chemically treated surfaces. This allows the production of plates at reasonable prices and also permits marketing them to other printing companies in Sudan and the neighboring countries in future.