Our Clients

Our Clients:

Ministries, Departments and Corporations at the Republic of the Sudan.

1. Bank of the Sudan – Sudanese Currency.

– Bank Documents

2. Presidency of the Republic


Various Publications
3. Secretariat � General, Council of Ministers


Various Publications
4. Ministry of Interior Passports, nationality documents, IDs and other ID documents, Traffic Administration Publications
5. Ministry of Finance and National Economy Financial forms, stamps, public revenue receipts
6. Other Federal and States Ministries


Various printed material
7. Customs Public Administration Computer papers, forms & reports. Customs fees, booklets, customs certificates
8. Sudanese Expatriates Organization Expatriates documents, miscellaneous commercial printing
9. The Postal and Telegram Public Corporation


Postal stamps
10. The Hajj and Umra Public Corporation


Hajj and Umra Cards and IDs
11. The National Centre for Health Information


Miscellaneous printing materials
12. Taxes Department


Tax duty stamps
13. Khartoum Land Port – Tickets

–   Financial receipts



.Higher education corporations � universities & higher institutes (40 government and private universities and colleges).

The printings include the following:

– University and academic diplomas certificates with ensured security.

– University and college guidebooks and directions.

– Academic researches and guidebooks.

– Academic periodicals.

.Financial and banking corporations in the Sudan (more than 30 banks) printing includes:

Magnetized cheques.

Printing of the banking system including:

– Forms of banking dealings.

– Annual reports.

– Budgets.

– Signature booklets.

– Savings booklets.

.Insurance and Reinsurance Companies:

This includes:

– Third party and compulsory insurance certificates.

– Financial receipts and annual reports.

– Computer (continuous forms) papers.

– Miscellaneous publications.

  • Public and Private Companies and Individuals:

Publications include:

– Financial and periodical reports.

– Budgets.

– Posters.

– Folders.

– Computer (continuous forms)   papers

– Books and magazines.